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Are you looking to develop hyper ledger fabric, NFTs or private or public blockchain development? Then you have arrived at the right place.

At Golang.company, we develop secure and scalable Go blockchain applications that will be immutable by employing a highly secure cryptographic hash function or develop a simple CLI controlled database.

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What is blockchain with Go?

A blockchain represents a chain of blocks that accommodates certain information. Blockchain is a distributed, digital ledger that can be accessed by anyone. It is usually difficult to tamper with any data once it has been recorded inside the blockchain. Hence, our Go blockchain experts use it mainly for tracking assets and recording transactions. Each block in a blockchain consists of a data, the hash (digital signature) and hash of the previous block.

Now why do our developers use blockchain in Golang? Golang is mainly used for systems programming for designing distributed and networked services. Since the blockchain apps are distributed and networked services, the Go blockchain developers benefit from the CSP style concurrency of Golang.

Why Do Go Blockchain Developers Prefer Golang?

Why do developers at Golang.Company feel the need to use blockchain with Golang ? As mentioned before, Golang has immense scalability, and its raw performance is almost unparalleled. As per our observation, we can run various programs in parallel or asynchronously with the help of goroutines.

  • Blockchains require huge coding, and Golang being a statically typed and AOT compiled language helps in faster processing and compilation. We create channels to ensure proper communication between different goroutines.
  • In addition to this, our Go blockchain developers use Golang to enforce json marshaling and unmarshaling, which is crucial for Bitcoin RPC. The language can also handle pointers and memory well (automatic garbage collection) which is very convenient for blockchain.
  • We really dig fast development, don’t you? And Golang is the perfect language for it. Our developers find it beneficial to develop trading bot, using it for profitable deployment. Also, Golang has good ties with ...read more

As you can see, Golang for blockchain is a powerful option to develop dApps and scalable crypto wallet and exchange development.

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A Myriad of Golang.Company Services Make Go Blockchain Development Easier

You might wonder, “How does Golang.Company fit into the picture?” Well, we offer a plethora of services. When you approach us for blockchain in Golang, you get the services highlighted below.

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Blockchain Consulting

We help our clients leverage Golang for blockchain to achieve business goals. Our consultants help you with research, development and testing various blockchain technologies. The various platforms that we work on are Stellar, Hyperledger, Substrate, Corda, Avalanche, etc.

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Blockchain Testing

We also have experts who are proficient in blockchain testing. They check for various functional components like smart contracts and more. Our experts use tools like BitCoinJ, Populus, Ethereum Tester, to look into components like mining, blocks, transactions, wallets, etc.

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Blockchain App Development

Our experts use Golang to build robust and scalable custom blockchain apps that will serve your purpose. Due to Golang’s superb concurrency and parallelism, you can actually have awesome apps at your disposal. Most importantly, Golang is used to simplify the complexity of the code.

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Blockchain Supply Chain Development

Supply chain businesses can use Golang for blockchain to record production updates to a single shared ledger, providing total data visibility and a single source of truth. Our experts make sure that the companies can access a product’s location and status at any point of time as transactions are current and time-stamped.

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dApps Development

dApps generally have backend code which is created with the help of Golang. This code runs on a decentralized server. Our experts use Ethereum blockchain as a database and they make use of smart contracts as part of the app logic.

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Our Golang blockchain development team helps in transformation of any non-physical and tangible assets into Go chain tokens. How will this help you? Well, you will no longer be susceptible to market changes, and you will have more liquid assets.

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NFT Marketplace Development

We assist companies in creating decentralized NFT marketplaces that are protocol-specific to facilitate NFT bidding, trading, and selling of digital assets. Our experts use Golang to build you cross-chain marketplaces.

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Private Blockchain

If you want a codebase or distributed ledger that is private, then you should contact our Go blockchain developer to customize a solution for you. You will be the sole network administrator in an open source distributed ledger.

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ICO and IEO Services

Want to launch an ICO or IEO investment model? Then our developers will prepare the startup website or the cryptocurrency exchange platform with Golang accordingly.

Why Should You Bank on Us for Go Blockchain Development?

Now, it's time to address the main question. Why should you count on our experts for Golang blockchain development? Well, we have:

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Experienced Developers

If you wish to distribute Go chain token or develop blockchain apps, then you can bestow your faith in our developers without any hesitation. Our experts are highly qualified and have years of experience on their side. They can help you build your custom blockchain app and have great eye for details.

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Agile Workflow

Our Golang blockchain development service is governed by Agile workflow. We segregate a complex blockchain project into several sprints. And at each sprint, the customers provide their and we incorporate suggestions to make the project better.

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Competitive Pricing

If you observe carefully, you will find that blockchain development with Golang is quite expensive. However, this is where we step in. We keep the prices reasonable so that you can hire our experts and get your project done on time.

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Swift Delivery

When you approach us for blockchain with Golang , we are very particular about the deadline. We deliver the project on time so that you can deploy your app on the planned date. Furthermore, if you want any changes in the app or the project, our developers are there to pay heed to each of your instructions. As you can see, we stand out in the industry when it comes to Go blockchain development. So what are you waiting for? If you have been trying to get hold of a Go blockchain developer, we are just one click away.


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