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Experience the effective and powerful Golang testing services at Golang.company to get the most scalable and efficient Golang applications.

Golang Testing Golang.company is a leading company in providing flawless Golang testings across the globe using a number of testing types and tools with Golang. Our Go testers are highly proficient and their experience ranges from 1 year to 4 years in various Golang testing types such as Golang unit testing, functionality testing, etc. We at Golang.company also provide Golang automation tests and enormous Golang testing frameworks like GoConvey, Gomega, GinkGo, and more with the help of in-built testing packages offered by the Go programming language.

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Which Types of Testing Golang.company Offers?

Golang.company offers various types of Golang Testing along with Golang testing frameworks  that help in developing attractive and business critical Go applications by giving the perfect perspective after successful testings at affordable prices and future support as well.

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Functional Testing Golang

We offer comprehensive functional testing with Golang where our primitive objective is the requirements of the project or application. Over here, only the output of an action is verified. Functional testing is also responsible for getting the specific value as per the app’s requirement from the defined database and also helps in testing the overall functionality of the application.

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Golang Test Automation

With Golang test automation at Golang.company, you will get a robust and feature-rich Golang applications as the Goolang automation test tool helps in calling the customized feature code by passing several inputs and tests the action’s outputs in order to make you sure that they are up to your expectations. In Golang test automation, a number of unexpected error conditions are also triggered so that the feature code should handle those errors efficiently.

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Selenium With Golang

Leverage the benefits of Selenium for testing a number of software applications over the web browser at Golang.company. As Selenium is an open source testing tool and comes with a wide variety of tools that support browser automation, we use it for a number of functional tests across several latest web browsers without having the need of knowing the scripting language for the testing processes.

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Appium With Golang

Appium is also an open source testing tool usually used for testing mobile applications. We at Golang.company use Appium for testing various Go mobile applications in order to deliver highly scalable and powerful mobile apps using the Go programming language

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Golang Unit Test

Our Go testers are proficient in testing the software applications unit by unit, which is the smallest part of a software that can be tested. We perform comprehensive unit testing in order to ensure that each and every unit of the app is performing as per our expectations. We also perform a mock test on the external dependencies on each unit to ensure that the specific unit is performing properly

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Integration Testing Golang

Integration testing plays a vital role in the overall testing process of an application. Our Go testers are not only limited to Unit testing but also emphasize entirely on integration testing, which helps in detecting and revealing the errors when we integrate all the tested units of a software application to check how they are working when clubbed together. Over here, the primitive aim is to check the interaction of different units with the written code.

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Golang Performance & Stress Testing

Performance test is another critical test that we perform after developing the Golang applications. It is very easily implementable and responsible for the perfect functionality of the Go applications in future. We perform this test to identify and ensure the behavior, performance, reliability, and responsiveness of the app for any future updates for the betterment of your business. After testing the application’s performance, we perform stress tests which are last but not the least in the testing process. Stress tests are performed to test the infrastructure of the system and identify the stress handling capabilities of the system in high transaction load conditions.

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Security Testing Golang

We at Golang.company make sure that the developed Go applications are highly secure, authenticated, and free from a number of vulnerabilities. In this way, we secure all the Golang mobile and web applications from various security threats and unauthorized hacking activities.

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