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Golang.company is one of the leading worldwide Golang game development companies.We develop top-notch and multidimensional games using Golang for game development.

Games can also be developed using Go programming language just like using C, C++, and Unity. Go is capable of cross compilation along with being simple and light-weight as compared to C. Go also comes with some exciting in-built frameworks for game development with Golang such as Pixel, Engo, Ebiten, which help Go programmers in developing 2D & 3D games efficiently. Golang also incorporates a unique feature of garbage collection that helps in eliminating the risk of memory leakage, which is a common requirement for Golang game development.

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Why Choose Us For Game Development in Golang?

As an experienced Golang game development company, we have developed various low and high-budget 2D & 3D games successfully and Golang.company is still outperforming its competitors continuously. Here is how we can help you in game development with Golang.

We at Golang.company have an in-house dedicated team of Golang game developers who are technically experts and proficient in developing 2D and 3D representational games with ease. Also, we incorporate game design expertise who can create intuitive and feature-rich UI/UX of the game. They have successfully developed various functionality-rich AAA games and have delivered them within the given timeline.

Our Golang game developers have great knowledge of different mobile platforms and have created various attractive games on native iOS, Android, and Hybrid platforms. We also have a Golang research & development team, which is continuously working on metaverse gaming, as it is becoming very popular these days by allowing the gamers to experience real-effects while playing the game.

Our Golang game developers also provide POC (Proof of Concepts) and also adapt MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development approach to develop the Golang game app in a cost-effective and future-centric way.

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What Golang Frameworks We Use For Golang Game Programming?

Go programming language offers you a number of useful and in-built frameworks and libraries, which can be used to develop a variety of 2D and 3D games using Golang game programming.

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Ebiten is one of the most commonly used open source 2D Golang game development libraries written in Go programming language. This framework helps the Golang game programmers in developing the 2-Dimensional games easily and efficiently along with its deployment across various different platforms like iOS, Android.

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Pixel is another useful game development framework offered by Golang for developing intuitive 2D games. It is also written in Go programming language but this framework can only be used to develop desktop gaming applications based on Golang for Linux and Windows.

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Engo is one of the Golang game development engines, which is written in Go programming language and can be used in cross-platform 2D game development with Golang. At present, Engo is used for the compilation in Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

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Golang 3D Game Development Engine (G3N)

G3N can also be termed as “gen” and is a highly useful Golang game development engine for creating attractive and powerful 3D games. It is also written in Go programming language and allows the Go programmers to write cross-platform Golang apps.

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Leaf is one of the most popular Golang game server frameworks widely used for game development in Golang. It is very reliable, simple, and supports multicore threading.

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GoWorld is a highly scalable Go game server engine used in Golang game development. It comes with various features such as managing multiple entities in one run time, enhancing the capacity of the server with the help of external machines, and providing support for various communication protocols like WebSocket, TCP, and more..

Advantages of Game Development With Golang

The best thing about Golang game development is that it helps in developing fast, reliable, and multidimensional games with ease. Here are some of the advantages of developing games with Golang programming.

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  • Go is an extremely fast and statically typed programming language, hence ideal for developing games with Golang.

  • Golang consists of in-built powerful game development libraries and frameworks for faster Golang game development.

  • Go also comes with a garbage collection feature that helps in controlling the memory usage required for Golang game programming ulike in C++.

  • Golang is concurrent in behavior hence, multiple tasks can be executed in one runtime with the help of Goroutines, which helps in faster Golang game development.

  • Go programming language possesses cross-platform capabilities and therefore it is ideal for native iOS, Android, or cross-platform game development in Golang.


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