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Hire go programmers from Golang company as we focus on building apps using Golang

Golang Company is a leading Go application development company. You can hire Go lang developers from us based on your project requirements. When you hire Go developers from us then you have the flexibility of choosing a single dev or a team of Golang backend developers based on experience or skill set. Our Golang developers' skill set includes:


Well-versed with Gin, Https, and Gorilla API frameworks


Understand the scalability and write clean and secure code


Completed complex microservices project on Golang


In-depth understanding of Go routines and concurrency


Contributors to the Go community since 2018

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Why Hire Go Developers from us?

At Golang Company, we love developing business-critical applications using cutting-edge technologies. So our Golang backend developers have gained knowledge of complete product development.

Hire Go developers

Docker and Kubernetes Deployment

In most of our projects, we deploy our projects on the cloud using docker or Kubernetes depending upon project requirements. Having strong knowledge of Deveops tools by our Golang developers is an added advantage.


Front-end Development

Go is a backend but when you hire our go programmers you will have a full stack skill set or our knowledge of the front end helps in creating backend Apis that are friendly to be consumed during front-end development.


AI Development

We are fortunate to be part of some emerging projects on AI development and have gained knowledge on using Pygmalion7B, which is a fine-tuned version of LLAMA7b. And uses Gorgonia, Golearn, Goml, GoMind libraries. We can humbly say we are one of the best Golang developers when it comes to AI development.


Block Chain Development

We have developed a project that supports Hyprledger fabric, Solidity, and Ethereum. We also developed private and public blockchains. Also, have worked on creating NFT backends.


Go Routines and Concurrency

When you hire go developers from us, you will love the way we use concurrency programming using channel and proto buffer so that you get highly scalable and fast backend applications.


Thought Leadership

Our Golang backend developers are not only well-versed with the latest updates in go community but are active members in the Go community, discord groups, authors, and bloggers talking about new ways of solving complex problems easily.

Hire Go developers

Why Hire Remote Go Developers from us?

Leverage the benefits of reliable and excellent

remote golang developers

by hiring them from Golang.company to create robust, scalable, and growth-oriented web and mobile apps. Our remote Go lang developers have great experience in quick Golang development from anywhere in the world. Here are some factors which will force you to think upon hiring Golang developers from us.
Remote Golang Developers

How To Hire Golang Developers From Us?

Hire Golang developers from Golang.company to experience the excellent engagement models.


Hire the Golang development team for a fully outsourced project

We at Golang.company offer a fixed cost for every Golang project. Our Hired Go programmers or Go development team will work on it and deliver the project as per the business requirements and scope agreed upon within the given timeline in a comprehensive agile manner.


Hire a single Golang developer on a time and material basis

We have in-house dedicated and experienced Golang developers in Golang.company who are available to engage in the work for 160 hours per month. The experiences of our Go developers range from 1 year to 5 years at a competitive starting rate of USD 30 per hour.


Hire  Senior Golang Developer on T&M bases for consulatation

We will provide you with a senior programmer who will offer you an hourly rate of USD 50 per hour. He will help you in delivering the architecture of the Golang applications, providing consultation with other developers, and finding the optimal solution for your project. The minimum engagement of a senior developer will be 40 hours.


Hire Go development team for the offshore development center

We can offer you a team of 5 or more developers and the required skill set and setup a dedicate ODC in our office for your development. You can contact sales to discuss your project requirement and durations for the best rates.

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Q. Where can I hire Golang developers?


Ans. Golang skill is in demand and developers are fewer if you don’t have the budget or your requirement is very small you may look for free lancer but if you are looking to build scalable complex application it is always advisable to go for a company like us Golang.company to hire developers as we scale up and down the time fast as per requirement.

Q. What is the hourly rate of Golang developer?


Ans. Golang developer's rates vary from 30 USD per hour to 80 USD per hour depending upon the skillset, duration, team size, and complexity of the project.

Q. Are Golang developers in demand?


Ans. Indeed! Go is in high demand because it is strict type scalable and fast. Also, it is light weighted and supported by Google making it one of the favorite languages for startups and enterprises.

Q. How do I hire Golang developers?


Ans. Golang developers are in demand and is a new language compared to Python and Java so you need to be more cautious if you are hiring freelancers else you can choose a company like Golang. the company that has a range of go lang developers and based on your project you can choose the developers.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a Golang developer?


Ans. In the US typically salary of Golang developer is in the range of 60,000 to 160,000 USD depending upon the expertise. But you can hire with no commitment from Golang. company starting at just 30 USD per hour.

Q. What qualifications should I look for while hiring Golang developer?


Ans. You should be a good golang developer yourself in order to assess the qualification of Golang developers. If you are not then go fo company like Golang.company they will understand your requirement and allocate a pool of good candidates as per your project demands. You can talk about the scalability and security of the applications while hiring them.

Q. What experience level should I look for in a Golang developer?


Ans. As a new language, more than experience it is the skill set of Golang programmers that matters. Say if your application is using go routines and experience go developers has only worked on Apis then it may not be useful to you. Always discuss your project requirement and based on your project requirement choose the right skillset of developers who are needed in the project.


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