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Can you think of any programming language that stands out best from the rest of the other languages in the cloud?

“Go” which is also called “Golang”, is an open-source programming language. Many software developers use Go for operating systems and give a framework to develop web applications, cloud-native developments and networking services, and other types of software, etc.
Go Google's language emerged from being a point of discussion for alpha geeks at that period. It was prepared by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in the year of 2007. Simultaneously it becomes a language that battle-tested programming behind some of the world’s most important cloud-based projects.
Furthermore, it increased its popularity around the world. In fact, It's really easy to understand and learn the language for Newbie coders.

Now, Let's Dive deeper into GO and find out the main reason behind Go's rapid progress in the field. To begin with the whole environmental setup, the visual code installation & then till the final code will proceed further.

What is GO or Golang?

It’s very interesting to know for readers that Go or Golang is none other than just the two names of a programming language. Officially it is recognized with “GO”.
Go is a more researchable topic than Golang on the Google search engine. As Golang came from the domain of the Go official website, Golang.org.
Thus, It Becomes Really helpful for its targeted audience to understand.

“At the time, no single team member knew to Go, but within a month, everyone was writing in Go and we were building out the endpoints. It was the flexibility, how easy it was to use, and the cool concept behind Go (how Go handles native concurrency, garbage collection, and of course safety+speed.) that helped engage us during the build. Also, who can beat that cute mascot!”
— Jaime Enrique

Goland which is also called Go is primarily used by the main Google employees. The language itself gained its worth from its ability to execute multiple tasks at one point of time.
Go is meant to be a great option for terms. In today’s World, Go is known for prioritizing its place in the eyes of many software developers. It is also very popular for building networks and Developing cross-platform enterprise applications and other such activities.
However, Go is more like an Explicit, typed, statistical, and a modeled programming language.

What are the Historical Antecedents of GO?

There are various factors involved in the overall Existence of Go as follows -

  • Go programme language came into the picture right after when the Googlers were facing issues with the Complexities in the Google codebases.
  • Before Go, Everyone was using the C++ for same applications, web, and game developments specifically. Although they have unanimously disliked C++.
  • The Googlers Presented their designed version of Go/Golang in the year 2007. In fact, In the year of 2009, they announced it to the Public. Hence, In the year of 2012, the first version of 1.0 was released and made open source for them as well.
  • Gradually Golang has gained a lot of Popularity and Recognition among many developers and It eventually becomes the First preference for the developers.
  • Go language’s Simplicity, Readability, efficiency, and concurrent nature. (To run multiple tasks at the same time)
  • However, there are multiple tasks such as Server- side( backend), Programming, Application & Game Development, and Data Science itself. In addition to this, Go is also very much famous for making Command line tools.
  • Today In the 21st-century scientific world, many tech-Giants around us use the Programming language “GO” for instance Google, Netflix, Twitch, Ethereum, Dropbox, Kubernetes, Docker, Heroku, and lots more.
  • Cloud-based programming is one of the main paramount reasons for designing the Go Language.
  • Thus, These were some emerging factors by which Golang as a programming language has emerged.

What are the Distinctive Characteristics of GO?

Go on its own unfolds various distinctive features and Characteristics as follows -

golang characteristics

1. Concurrency

The concurrency model simply enables support for coders to write frequent, efficient, and scalable codes for that matter. Concurrency eventually enables the function that helps the coders to write the code which can perform multiple tasks at a pace.

2. Simplicity

Golang is eventually designed this way that it becomes simple to understand, easy to use & learn. The overall syntax of the whole language is simple, sophisticated, and straightforward. Thus, It becomes the best choice for beginners and Experienced software developers to use.

3. A garbage Collection

A Garbage Collection has the collection of all your memories. It has automatic memory management. This function makes the developers not to worry about memory allocation and deallocation.

4. Fast Compile Times

It delivers the function of a fast compilation of files & makes a proper documentation. Thus, It’s mostly helpful during the development.

5. Strong Typing

Golang/Go is a statistically typed & non-descriptive language. Thus, It helps the Developer to catch any error during the compile time instead of runtime.

6. Large Community

Go has a large, active, and solid community behind it. So you can always get help if you’re stuck anywhere. Hence, a Strong back will help a have a strong back.

Why & Where to use the GO or Golang?

If you want to start with cloud services? Then You can simply hire golang developer. They are quick & simple. They are adept at programming languages. It is one of the best things of 2022. Other than that, It is also said to be the well-scaled language of all.

There are various needs and positions are there by which we can say that Golang should be used. The multiple functions of Golang are mentioned Below -

Web Development

Web development is a really important function. Various companies such as Twitter, Netflix, Google, and Dropbox use Go for web development.

Clown Native Development

Clown Native Development is an approach for Developing Modern applications & running software. Thus, they offer a cloud delivery model to software developers.

Developing network-based programs

Developing network-based programs simply means a set of software applications that uses wireless resources to perform some of its functions. Although the development of network-based programs includes at least cloud-based and server-based applications.

Robotics and games

When it comes to Go, then it becomes the popular choice for many gaming applications. Libraries are the tool that helps with writing code. For instance - Nano (A gamer Server library).

However, such Go servers help to build a fact, large and powerful, and also have large third-party support.

Cloud services

Tons of IT companies have switched to cloud services from the traditional IT companies Environment. Even though some multi-national companies such as Google’s popular cloud service is Google Cloud i.e. built on Go. overall, It’s one of the best functions of the Golang language.

Online Booking

Online booking is simply a service that many companies use. For instance - Uber is a very famous and well-known company that eventually uses Go. Trivago and Delivery Hero also use Go.

Finance Companies

There are many financial companies such as capital one use Go for developing their credit cards. Other companies such as American Express and Paypal are also using Go to improve their payment, Rewards, coding functions, etc.


Cybersecurity needs to have a proper server & cloud environment which only Go can bring. Although there’s one popular application named 1password for saving your precious passwords and other sensitive information as well. Thus, Many users use Go for managing their pieces of stuff safely.

Music and Developing Videos

Go proved to be a better option for streaming any music video. It is very much efficient. It supports the most frequently used files & encoding formats.
Moreover, Soundcloud maintains the six services ability.

Messaging and Chatting

Go is also being used for messaging and chatting. For instance - twitch uses Go for its chat that delivers hundreds of thousands of messages daily.

As similarly, there’s slack that became a critical part of our work lives. slack’s engineers use Go for a variety of projects for that matter. It is used for every nuanced notification, calendar reminder & more.

What are the advantages of Golang Development?

Mentioned below are the 5 advantages of Golang Development.

  • It simplifies the Code.
  • It generates Powerful Performance.
  • It can be used for large-scale projects.
  • Easy to learn and good for the maintenance perspective.
  • Quick Garbage Collection

Briefly Distinguish GO, C++ & Python.

There are various features & characters which distinguish GO, C++, and Python. As the three of them are program languages but they differ from each other in certain performing functions, abilities, and characteristics, etc.

Programme Languages Functions GO C++Python
Type of Language Statistically Typed Language Dynamically Typed Language Statistically Typed Language
Run TimingFast Run Time InterpretedFast Run Time
Compile Timing Fast Compile TimeInterpreted Compiled
Garbage FunctionEmbedded Automatic Garbage Collection Embedded Automatic Garbage Collection Slow Compiled Time
Objects and classes Does not supports Classes & objects Has classes & objects Has classes & objects
Inheritance Does not support Inheritance It supports InheritanceIt supports Inheritance
Concurrency and Goroutines MechanismsSupports Concurrency through goroutines & ChannelIt doesn't have an Embedded Concurrency mechanism. It supports concurrency through threads

Names of Organisations that are using Go.

There are abduances of organizations and multi-national companies who use Go/Golang as a programming lang are as follows -

  • Google
  • Paypal
  • American Express
  • Cloudflare
  • Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • Bitly
  • Salesforce
  • Meta
  • Dropbox. tech

Let’s Setup the Environment for GO

In this section, we will see how to set an environment for code to run, build and do a compilation of all the Go Projects.
Hence, To begin the whole procedure here are some steps -

  • The first step - You have to Install Go to have runtime to build and have Go programs.
  • Second step - After the successful Installation of Go, You need to have a code editor name visual code installation. However, there are other platforms for code editing as well. But VS code is highly recommended and said to be one of the best integrations.
  • Next step - Next step includes the configuration of VS code. under this step will Install the Golang extension.
  • Last step - This part includes the writing of codes. It eventually seems to be fun!!!

Final words

To conclude the above paragraph, we can have a clear picture that Go is easy to learn language for beginners. Even though there are a lot of resources, and information is there on the official website it can be seen from the targeted audience's eyes.

In this article, every sort of information Regarding Go is covered as a whole. So, learning a new Programme language will gonna be worthy of time & understanding.

Happy Reading!!!

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